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Went on a fabulous 5 day vacation to our favorite California beach. Hotel paid for by gift money, free breakfast, brought lunch food for the hotel, out to dinner food from vacation savings, and souvenirs from coins the kids rolled!
The weather was perfect, yummy food, the kids went paddle boarding for the first time, sun, beach, pool, games, the relaxation factor revived us, and family time was fun (although we are happy to have a bit of space) 24/7 with your siblings can be a bit much! Can’t wait to go back, want to retire there someday!


Of course in our week of fun stuff there were a few negatives

Dadburn “he who shall not be named” showed his ugly head. First those, 6 of our 7 geese disappeared July 4. They are definitely gone for good. I am now looking for a good home for my one remaining hen. She just cries non-stop for the others.
The drive belt, we think, on the garden tractor broke while ds was out looking for the missing, so it is now stranded 3 telephone poles distance from the housd in the clear cut, with a flat. Dh is not amused.
Of course there were some problems getting the new camper, but it all worked out. Those of you who are friends on fb have already seen the photos.
Ds broke a wisdom tooth and had to have emergency surgery on it this morning. He is napping upstairs now.
Now the up cycle. Last week’s mail brought a letter from Wells Fargo verifying we had paid off our mortgage in full.
2 letters from our insurance company stating they would simply transfer the billing of our farm policy to us from WF to us. And the cancellation of the old fifth wheel policy along with the policy on the new one. Better yet, the two policies cost exactly the same. No out of pocket on that.
We are slowly putting all the stuff from the old camper into the new. Of course none of the cupboards are the same size so we keep shuffling organizers around. Between that and the heat it is slow going. It will get there, just slowly. First trip planned for this weekend, ds will stay home with the critters.
Still waiting on the official lein release on that mortgage to come from the county and our escrow check. But then it has only been a week.